Letters to the Editor

Letters: Trump strike makes us proud


I’m sure the Trump haters are reaching for their antacids after seeing the president take action against the atrocity committed by the evil dictator, President Assad of Syria.

For eight long years under Barack Obama, we watched numerous countries exterminate their own people with impunity. Obama would talk the talk, but when it came time to walk the walk he cowered in his shoes.

Those who say President Trump shouldn’t have used deadly force to remove some of the threat to woman and children are dead wrong. Anyone who has lost family and friends understands that you can’t be a pacifist when dealing with a deadly enemy.

The fears mongers in the news media are debating what the Russians will do, as if we are supposed to fear them. We were respected before Obama and his minions left us high and dry in the eyes of the world, and we will be respected again under President Trump. United we stand; alone we hang.

Gregory J. Topliff