Letters to the Editor

Letters: How Trump has ruined my exercise


I like to run in downtown Spartanburg, even though I always get honked at by male drivers. I overlooked this in the past, but when I came home and ran in downtown Columbia, I got honked at again.

This is unacceptable. I find this baffling. Do you think honking will beckon me to your car and I will have sex with you? The sheer stupidity of this makes me want to brush it off and ignore these crude men. But it speaks to a much more sinister truth: that in our culture it is acceptable to treat women disrespectfully. How surprised can we be by this when our president makes graphic statements about grabbing women in inappropriate ways?

Republicans who say they held their noses and voted for Donald Trump because he was the party nominee say they do not agree with everything he says. But they let this happen. They elected a man who promotes putting down women.

I am sure they would not look their wives, daughters and mothers in the eye and say, “you are less than,” but that is what they are conveying through their actions. We must object to this kind of behavior and start treating women with respect.

Erin Fitzpatrick