Letters to the Editor

Letters: Nickelodeon shouldn’t get tax dollars


I find the Nickelodeon Theater a positive addition to the Main Street area of Columbia and applaud it for showing unique films that would not otherwise get exposure in Columbia. We have attended a number of programs and always find it an enjoyable experience.

But I take offense at the fact that a theater that is given and accepts financial support from taxpayers of Columbia and Richland County shows a film it sees as a protest against President Trump. I also take offense at our mayor and both councils providing taxpayer funds to an organization that reflects only their political perspective. Government should not fund programs hyping one particular political view.

What’s funny is that Nickelodeon also receives support from the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, whose initial endowment came from Betsy DeVos, the Trump administration’s new secretary of education.

It’s amazing to see how someone so maligned has done so much for the arts organizations that protest against them.

Bill Barlow