Letters to the Editor

Letters: Background check priorities skewed

San Jose Mercury News

In South Carolina, we want to make sure locksmiths are not felons. The S.C. House just passed a bill to make locksmiths pass a criminal background check.

We want to make sure real estate agents are not felons. Another bill in the works would require real estate agents to pass a criminal background check to renew their licenses. (It already is required to get a license.)

But we do not require a criminal background check to purchase guns in the open market if the purchase is from a private seller, or if the background check results do not come back in three days. We are fine with selling guns to felons.

H.3930 already passed the House. If it passes the Senate, a criminal background check will not be required to carry guns open or concealed in South Carolina. We are fine with felons carrying openly.

Why is passing a background check considered a burden on law-abiding gun purchasers, but not on law-abiding locksmiths or real estate agents?

And where is the concern for the safety of South Carolinians?

Sylvie Dessau