Letters to the Editor

Letters: Scott callous to constituents’ needs

US Sen Tim Scott
US Sen Tim Scott AP

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s town hall meeting was a sickening display of callousness, cognitive dissonance and lies. He said more than once “I’m just here to have fun,” after listening to the pain of citizens, including one mother who poured out her anguish at having lost a baby and how grateful she was for the Affordable Care Act, which has kept her other child alive. Behind me, a Trump minion booed her.

Scott cracked jokes and turned it into a party atmosphere with even many of our own people laughing and clapping at his jokes.

I’m sure he counted it a success and went home to celebrate. I went home feeling filthy, wondering if it is possible to be a follower of Jesus and involved in politics in any way at all.

Frances Cardwell