Letters to the Editor

Letters: Deliver message to China on paper


Employing an 11-ton bomb to crush the tunnels of our Taliban foe did indeed send the message that America’s rules of engagement have changed, but all the talk of dropping one of these on North Korea or any other hostile state is foolish speculation.

The Massive Ordnance Air Blast weapon is so huge it can only be delivered in a C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft, which is essentially an airborne 18-wheeler. Itcould easily be shot down by even an antiquated missile air defense system, so it can only be uaws against an undefended target.

If President Trump wants to “send a message” to China, he should literally send one — on paper. The Chinese absolutely fear a refugee stream of a few million Koreans, like the Arab masses ISIS inflicted on Europe. Threaten to release hundreds of balloons on their common border carrying leaflets with photos illustrating how well the Chinese people are eating and living in their cities, and you’ll see China take Li’l Kim to task right quick.

K.J. Dolney