Letters to the Editor

Letters: SC corruption tied to one-party rule

We are again suffering an investigation into corruption in our State House. Career politicians being indicted and indictments that imply a consultant laundered money. We watch as a special prosecutor gets close to the truth and our attorney general tries to remove him from the case.

Corruption is not inherent in people, politicians or parties. We have many politicians who work hard for our people, but we have many who only work for their party, or for themselves. No party or ideology has a monopoly on corruption; however, when we limit our government to a single party, we invite corruption. Sadly, our state has become a one-party system, and we see the results.

We need voters to act like the concerned and enlightened citizens that a republic requires, to stop voting for a party and empowering men in back rooms to run our state. Vote for the better candidate, the better person, the better leader.

When we have the people’s lawyer trying to stop an investigation into the corruption of his cohorts, we need to vote him, and his buddies, out of office.

We have that power and need not cede it to anyone else.

Luther Hendrix