Letters to the Editor

Letters: Giving up council salaries is not enough

Please don’t be fooled by the recent actions of the Batesburg-Leesville Town Council (“Batesburg-Leesville leaders OK giving up pay for employees’ raise,” June 13). Although the council members are forgoing their salaries to give employees a 1 percent pay increase (not even enough to cover insurance increases), they have also eliminated longevity bonuses and reduced Christmas bonuses for employees.

In the recent past, the council and its management team raised water and sewer rates (doubling the rates for some customers) while selling water to a nearby community for less than what our own townspeople pay, raised business fees and given management generous raises. Now they also want to impose a 2 percent restaurant tax. This council and town management have put their wants before the needs of the employees and the community. I believe our community would be better served with a new mayor, council and management.

Donald N. Parker