Letters to the Editor

Coach Muschamp should concentrate on USC, not Maryland

South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp speaks with reporters at Williams Brice Stadium during media day on August 2, 2018, in Columbia.
South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp speaks with reporters at Williams Brice Stadium during media day on August 2, 2018, in Columbia. The State file photo

After the recent football debacle against Georgia, it appears coach Will Muschamp needs focus his attention on building a good Gamecocks football team and be a lot less concerned about what is going on at the University of Maryland - Baltimore.

Terry Walker


Legislatures are ground zero in fight for abortion access

As Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings wrap up and Roe v. Wade remains at risk, my colleagues and I in state legislatures across the country have our work cut out for us in defending the rights and reproductive health care for women and families. In states supportive of abortion access, it’s time to repeal bad laws that threaten abortion access if Roe is overturned.

Unfortunately, some of us working in states like South Carolina may not hold enough votes to defeat bad bills. But we do have the resolve to exercise our rights and the responsibility to defend our constituents.

That’s why I joined my colleagues last session on the floor of the state Senate for an 11-hour filibuster against a bill that would have banned the majority of safe and legal abortions. Ultimately, the bill died, and we never tired in our fight to stop South Carolina from becoming the latest state to enact bogus legislation at the expense of women.

We can’t stand by and watch more state legislatures undo the progress we’ve made in this country. The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council — a coalition of more than 300 legislators lead by the State Innovation Exchange is one group fighting back, and I was proud to join them in opposing Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

I am heartened by people in South Carolina and nationwide who have voiced opposition to attacks on abortion. The people of this country believe in women’s rights. And we’ll fight with everything we have to protect them.

Sen. Margie Bright Matthews

Senate District 45

Governor’s campaigning started with the negatives

I wonder why Gov. McMaster’s initial campaign for election has begun with anti-Smith ads and not with pro-McMaster ads.

David Humphries


How will Graham influence offshore drilling?

I don’t understand what is happening with Sen. Lindsey Graham and his relationship with President Donald Trump. Sen. Graham seems to have gone from being a check on the chief executive to being a cheerleader for him.

I hope this new role doesn’t carry over to the administration’s plans for offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic. I trust that the senator won’t turn his back on every single municipality and county on the coast as well as Upstate cities like Greenville and Columbia that are opposed to drilling. I pray that he will continue to listen to the thousands of his constituents who are opposed. Will he now ignore the contingency plans of the Pentagon that warn of the dire consequences of continued reliance on fossil fuel? Will he disregard the warnings that the two major causes of oil spills are weather and human error? Technology improves, but humans will always make mistakes. Will he now not take seriously the economic reality that projected tourism revenue outperforms oil 27-1

I know that the senator is a person of faith who believes in being a good steward of creation. Where does that fit in?

I have always believed that Sen. Graham is person of integrity. Let’s hope that when it comes to the administration’s plan to drill in the Atlantic, he will rediscover the need for checks and balances.

Jim Watkins

Pawleys Island

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