Letters to the Editor

Democratic Sen. Harpootlian shares President Trump’s desire to shake things up


Mr. Harpootlian is a Democrat, and I am a Republican. We may have differences in philosophy, but it seems we agree that government needs to be shaken up, exposed and held accountable.

In that regard, he is a lot like President Trump. I would vote for Mr. Harpootlian if I was in his district.

Lisa Buch


Gun control, education could help curb gun violence

I just finished reading the tragic story “Lexington faith communities stunned by triple killing.” How life changes in a moment ...

Anger, pain, despair, misunderstanding and easy access to a gun often lead to tragedy. Gun control, gun education possibly could lead to different results. It’s worth a try. It could be part of the answer to our prayers at such times.

Mary Parekh


Republicans are not doing their job for our democracy

Our democracy is at a low point by many measures. Lack of cooperation between political parties, low levels of trust and new lows in discourse, and lack of observance of rules and traditions are symptoms of our president’s attempt to subvert the checks and balances of our constitutional government. Simply put, Trump would like to run our country as he runs his businesses, meaning that he would like to make all decisions.

While it is hard for me to see how people can like what Trump wants to do for the country – that is, severely curtail immigration, get rid of all regulations, give the rich more tax breaks, favor business over the environment, ignore health care, etc. – I would hope many Republicans would see that Trump is ruining our system of government.

The Republican Senate has been amazingly complicit in letting Trump do whatever he wants without criticism or oversight. Ironically, many of the things Trump has done were things these Republicans campaigned against in the previous election. It’s clear that many Republican senators don’t necessarily like what Trump is doing, but they are fearful of losing Trump’s political favor. This is the saddest fact of all, that our politicians can be bullied about by threats of lack of political support, and not be principled when faced with a president who wants to have all power in his own hands.

Peter Swanson


‘Common regular’ American support Trump and his stance on illegals

Contrary to Leonard Pitt’s article (on May 26), I believe in Donald Trump and have no faith in Nancy Pelosi, who only wants to further her agenda. He has done more in two years than the last three presidents combined.

The “common regular” Americans are tired of giving everything free to illegals. We want people to come into America the legal way, speak English and get a job. She now wants to give them free insurance when we have to pay for ours; same with tuition, housing, social security, etc. They should NOT be allowed to vote and should be drug tested before receiving any benefits. Pelosi has a fence around her estate for a reason. I support building the wall.

I am also concerned about the Muslims holding political office and would not be sworn in on the Bible. They want to take over America as Europe is finding out. I realize there are good and bad in every race.

I pray for this country and our president everyday. We have to do away with the hatred and band together. I did not vote for Obama but always respected the office which apparently Mr. Pitts doesn’t.

Judy Truax


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