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Clemson making gains with Virginia Tech commit

Jordan McFadden
Jordan McFadden

Dorman offensive lineman Jordan McFadden, who has been committed to Virginia Tech since July 4, is still committed to the Hokies. But after visiting Clemson last Saturday night for the Auburn game, the Tigers are making up ground and may eventually overtake Virginia Tech for the talented offensive tackle.

“I had a good time at the game. They showed me the new facilities and I liked that a lot,” McFadden said. “Between Clemson and Virginia Tech, I’m kind of stuck in the middle right now. I’d still say Virginia Tech is maybe leading for me right now, but I also like Clemson a lot. Seeing everything, getting to talk to the coaches and sitting down with Coach Swinney, that closed the gap a lot.”

McFadden said he plans to visit each school again before finalizing his plans. He said he will get back to both for games and Virginia Tech wants him to take an official visit after the Shrine Bowl in December.

“Right now I’m going to stay committed to Virginia Tech,” McFadden said calling the strength of his commitment a seven on a ten scale. “I really like the coaches and what they preach to me and to their players, just being family and being good guys outside of football. And the campus and the facilities they have, I liked all that when I was there.”

McFadden said his decision probably will come down to how things go on his two official visits.

Clemson offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell recently scouted McFadden and he’s expecting his Virginia Tech recruiter to be at his game this Friday.