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Brent Venables to follow Bill Snyder at Kansas State? Don’t count on it

Brent Venables has consistently put together strong defenses at Clemson.
Brent Venables has consistently put together strong defenses at Clemson. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

There has been speculation for years now that Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables will return to his alma mater and follow Bill Snyder as the head coach at Kansas State when Snyder decides to retire.

Venables was asked last week if he is interested in being a head coach one day and brought up the Kansas State job on his own. It doesn’t appear that Venables is as likely to follow Snyder as some may believe.

“Everybody’s always, ‘Oh, he’s going to go to Kansas State.’ Hey man, look, nobody has more love and respect for the people there and for coach Snyder... but you’re going to be the guy to follow the modern day Bear Bryant at Kansas State? I don’t know about that,” Venables said.

Snyder is 78 years old and is reportedly planning to return for the 2018 season.

He has an impressive resume that includes a pair of Big 12 titles, as well as several national coach of the year awards.

“They’ve got plenty of really good, quality people over there and hopefully coach Snyder coaches another 10-plus years,” Venables said. “He’s been amazing at what he’s been able to do. As an alumnus, I’m super proud of how the Cats play year in and year out and how they compete. That’s all because of coach Snyder.”

Venables played under Snyder at Kansas State in 1991-92 and coached there from 1993-98, first as a graduate assistant and then as a linebackers coach.

He was an assistant at Oklahoma from 1999-2011 before coming to Clemson in 2012.