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Clemson self-reports 13 secondary NCAA violations for football. Here’s the breakdown

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Watch the Clemson football team run down the hill into Memorial Stadium in this 360 video.

Clemson Athletics released its self-reported NCAA violations from the 2018-19 school year to The State on Wednesday.

The violations are all secondary and 13 of the violations involve the football program.

The NCAA says of secondary violations: “Penalties for secondary violations usually are not as severe as those for major infractions, but they may be more than a “slap on the wrist.” Secondary-violation penalties are tailored to specific situations, such as recruiting restrictions being imposed in response to most recruiting violations. The rule outlining possible secondary-violation penalties includes possible fines, vacation of records and scholarship reductions, among other things.”

Here is a breakdown of the violations:


July 17, 2018: Student-athlete appeared in a (redacted) that was promoted by a (redacted) on social media.

Aug. 6, 2018: Student-athlete appeared in a social media promotion of a (redacted) after (redacted).

Aug. 30, 2018: Staff sent out a printed questionnaire mailer to 221 prospective student-athletes which included general correspondence related to life-skills programming prior to September 1 at the beginning of their junior year in high school.

Oct. 17, 2018: Confetti was utilized by institutional staff during a photo shoot that took place during a prospective student-athlete’s official visit.

Nov. 21, 2018: A prospective student-athlete received electronic correspondence that was sent by the sport staff prior to September 1 of their junior year of high school.

Jan. 3, 2019: On (redacted date) 2018 the institution publicized the signing of a prospective student-athlete who had not signed with the institution.

Feb. 5, 2019: Student-athlete received payment from an owner of a private residence to work on three occasions and was compensated above the going rate for the work that was completed.

April 14, 2019: Sport staff provided ground transportation cost that exceeded the institutions mileage rate.

May 23, 2019: Nonscholastic sport team took an unofficial visit to Clemson’s campus after they had reported on call for travel to a competition in another state.

May 30, 2019: Sport staff provided a meal and per diem for the same meal to student-athletes.

May 30, 2019: A prospective student-athlete and two of his high school coaches obtained special seating during an institutional intrasquad scrimmage.

May 31, 2019: Sport student worker allowed two high school coaches to stay at his home while on campus attending Clemson’s high school coaching clinic.

June 20, 2019: Staff posted a picture and live updates of student-athletes engaging in voluntary athletically-related activities on a social media account.

Men’s basketball

July 2, 2018: Student-athlete promoted a company’s sale of apparel that included his name via social media.

Nov. 26, 2018: Staff provided images and likeness of two student-athletes to an event company (redacted), engaged in planning travel (redacted), and the images were subsequently used by the event company (redacted) in a commercial promotion.

Other sports


Aug. 9, 2018: Electronic correspondence was sent to two prospective student-athletes prior to (redacted) after the prospective student-athletes took unofficial visits to the institution.

April 16, 2019: Two student-athletes received a discount on tanning services due to their athletic reputation.


Aug. 27, 2018: The coaching staff provided a “dine-in” meal to a prospective student-athlete at a restaurant that was (redacted) miles from campus *as the crow flies* on the second day of the official visit while en route to the airport the night prior to the student-athlete’s flight departing from the nearest airport (GSP) in Greer, S.C.


Aug. 30, 2018: The Director of Operations provided automobile transportation to a prospective student-athlete from (redacted) to begin their official visit at (Clemson).


March 21, 2019: Featured photos of a current student-athlete outside of the “staff” section of the camp website. Featured photos of prospective student-athletes on the camp website.


April 14, 2019: Assistant coach sent an electronic correspondence on (redacted) to a prospective student-athlete who is in her (redacted) of high school.


April 23, 2019: Coaches required “supplemental lifts” after competitions on two occasions.