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How Muschamp carries on Spurrier’s attitude for USC’s bowl prep

Contrasts have been drawn between Will Muschamp and Steve Spurrier since the new coach arrived on campus.

Muschamp brings near-limitless intensity. Spurrier was laid back. Muschamp eats, sleeps and breathes defense. Spurrier did the same for offense.

So as South Carolina prepares for its first bowl game post-Spurrier, a Dec. 29 trip to the Birmingham Bowl, things should be different, right?

Not really.

“Actually, very similar,” Gamecocks quarterback Perry Orth said. “They try to have a good time. You get practices done with in the morning, so you have the rest of your day. So you can get in and enjoy your time off. He wants to make bowl games fun because there’s no sense in having an entire month of just slaving away at football.”

But there wasn’t 100 percent consensus.

“It’s a little bit different,” offensive tackle Mason Zandi said. “Just scheduling and the first four days, the seniors didn’t practice the first two days. And then we did individual, up to period 10 of our of 13 periods, and then we headed out.”

Zandi said the days are shorter, with fewer meetings. They can get the work done and get off their feet.

The team had some chances for outings, going bowling and watching a movie. Orth didn’t give the film, “Bad Santa 2,” a good review, and he wasn’t alone.

“Terrible movie,” Zandi said. “It’s got some funny lines in it. Do not take anyone under the age of 18 to that. Your kids. Don’t even take your wife.”