Josh Kendall

Gamecocks going slow on offense but that might change soon

South Carolina might pick up the pace on offense this week.

As the Gamecocks look to snap out of their offensive malaise, head coach Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Kurt Roper are wondering if more quantity (of plays) might lead to more quality (of results).

“That’s a discussion,” Muschamp said. “We felt two weeks ago like we needed to speed it up, and we did in the second half and moved much better. There were times (against Louisiana Tech) in the second half that we picked up the tempo a little bit and certainly functioned a little better.”

The Gamecocks entered the season planning to use formational diversity as much or more than tempo to create an advantage over opposing defenses, and that worked well in 35-28 and 31-13 victories over N.C. State and Missouri. But a 23-13 loss to Kentucky and 17-16 win over Louisiana Tech have them considering a change of pace.

South Carolina is 125th in the nation in adjusted pace, a statistic calculated by that takes into account how many plays and what types of plays a team runs per game. The Gamecocks are averaging 60.5 plays per game this season. Their 350.3 yards per game ranks 101st in the nation.

“Certainly that is a discussion that is an everyday discussion for us with some of the depth issues we’ve got defensively, how fast we can really go with the football,” Muschamp said. “At the end of the day we need to be more productive on offense so that’s going to win out for me on what we need to do to try to win the game and that’s be more productive offensively.”