Josh Kendall

What they’re saying about Dakereon Joyner at the Shrine Bowl

The people who have watched South Carolina quarterback commitment Dakereon Joyner practice this week for the Shrine Bowl have been impressed. Here’s what they had to say about the four-star prospect who plans to enroll in January:

“I feel like he’s one of the best players on this side of the country, one of the best players in the nation honestly. He’s a field general. Everything goes through him. When he touches the ball, you don’t know what’s going to happen. I just feel like he’s one of the most explosive players in the nation obviously.”

Dutch Fork athlete Bryce Thompson, South Carolina commit

“It’s been great just building a bond and chemistry. We are both just going to go in there and give it our all and compete and work our way up the depth charts and try to earn a starting spot one day. He can make plays with his feet. He’s a great mobile quarterback. He’s a great one. I have never seen a quarterback like him. When a play breaks down, he makes it with his feet. To be out here playing actual football with him is something that is very eye-opening to me.”

C E Murray wide receiver Darius Rush, South Carolina commit

“We have a good relationship, we are friends. We have the quarterback-center thing going on, so that’s good. He’s a heck of a player. He’s fast around the edge. He’s got a good throw on the run. He’s a great quarterback. He’s going to be a heck of a college quarterback, I am telling you.”

Chapin center Hank Manos, South Carolina commit

“I don’t know that he’s a pure, drop back passer, that kind of thing, but I know when the lights come on he’s going to be very difficult to tackle. He’s a great personality, he’s smart. He’s one of those kids that he’s going to make plays. He’s got a strong arm and he’s intelligent. With those two things, yeah I think Dakereon can do anything he wants to do. He’s got great leadership skills.”

-- South Carolina Shrine Bowl head coach Dave Gutshall