Josh Kendall

Will Muschamp maps out what he’s looking for in 10th assistant

South Carolina will hire its 10th on-field assistant coach on Jan. 9, the first day that person is allowed to be employed under a new NCAA rule. Gamecocks head coach Will Muschamp has not named the hire, but he seemed Wednesday to have a pretty good idea of what he wanted.

“I need some more help for Coleman Hutzler on special teams,” Muschamp said. “The guy does a phenomenal job, and I want somebody to be able to help him, but it also needs to fit for us in the recruiting aspect as well to continue to help there.”

Hutzler coordinates all of South Carolina’s special teams and also coaches its inside linebackers. Muschamp nominated Hutzler for the Broyles Award this year, which goes to the nation’s top assistant coach.

“He does a phenomenal job,” Muschamp said. “He gets overloaded. He’s a guy that doesn’t ever complain or say a word.”

Next year will be the first FBS teams have been allowed to add a 10th assistant. Unlike graduate assistants or analysts, full-time assistant coaches are allowed to coach on game days and conduct off-campus recruiting.

The Gamecocks also will be adding a full-time assistant to replace the position left vacant when offensive coordinator Kurt Roper was fired.