Josh Kendall

Chances slim that Everett Golson winds up at USC

Everett Golson while at Notre Dame
Everett Golson while at Notre Dame USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson won’t be Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson for much long.

Golson released a statement to ESPN and FoxSports confirming that Thursday afternoon. The Myrtle Beach native will transfer and play his final year of college football somewhere else.

“I would like to thank everyone at Notre Dame for the opportunity to compete at the highest level of college football, but most importantly to obtain my degree from one of the finest universities in the country,” Golson wrote in his statement. “To all the Fighting Irish fans I want to thank you for your support over the past four years and let you know I truly love Notre Dame! To my former teammates, who I will miss tremendously, I wish much success in the future and will be your biggest fan from afar.”

What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means right this very moment there is someone on a South Carolina message board saying he knows a guy who knows a guy that says it’s a done deal Golson will play for the Gamecocks next season. There’s also someone on the Texas message board saying the same thing. And on the Alabama message board. And on the LSU message board they are already spelling it Everett GEAUXlson.

You get the picture.

The South Carolina connection makes sense clearly because of Golson’s roots, but that’s also where the sense in the argument stands. From Golson’s perspective, he was not recruited by the Gamecocks heavily when he came out of high school, and he’s likely looking for a spot where they can sell him on the idea of winning at the highest level right now. South Carolina can sell that idea, but it might be a tough sell.

From the Gamecocks’ perspective, the thought that the quarterback cupboard might be bare was addressed effectively by Connor Mitch in spring practice. The idea that Steve Spurrier wouldn’t take a transfer quarterback is wrong, but Spurrier can win with Mitch and why muddy the waters unless you: (A.) Have to have a quarterback or (B.) Think the guy you’re getting is a sure fire hit.

Golson is not a sure fire hit. He led the NCAA in turnovers last year, with 22 (14 interceptions, eight fumbles) in the regular season, more than 85 teams. He quarterbacked an Irish team that caught lightning in a bottle in 2012, advancing to the national championship game only to have their collective hats handed to them by Alabama (42-14 and it wasn’t that close). He has a two-to-one career touchdown-to-interception ratio (41-20). South Carolina is looking for four-to-one. He’s mobile-ish, having rushed for 581 yards in two seasons, but one of the reasons he’s leaving Notre Dame is there’s no guarantee he winds up the starter there.

There will be no shortage of Golson “news” in the coming days, and we’ll follow it all but don’t be surprised if he lands somewhere other than Columbia.

“I will have no further comment at this time and ask that you respect my time as I figure out this life changing moment,” Golson said in his statement. “God has a plan for each of us and I ask for your prayers as I move forward in this new journey in my life!"