Josh Kendall

The origin of the #SpursUp! shout-out? It was her idea

South Carolina fans have been trained to smile, and sometimes get rowdy, when they see head coach Will Muschamp post “#SpursUp!” on Twitter.

College football coaches are not allowed to discuss high school prospects until they have signed with their school, but it’s become commonplace for coaches to alert their fan base to a verbal commitment with some sort of specific exhortation. For the Gamecocks, it’s “#SpursUp!” which was the idea of Muschamp’s wife Carol, the coach said.

“We were in the Big 12 and everybody’s got a hand signal and a saying. She said, ‘We need one here,’ ” Muschamp said. “I said, ‘What do you want?’ She said, ‘Spurs Up! sounds good to me,’ I said, ‘That sounds great to me.’ I wanted to have a way to let our fan base know that a young man wanted to be at South Carolina.”

Muschamp’s time in the Big 12 was spent as the defensive coordinator at Texas.

“It was her idea and we’ve run with it,” Muschamp said. “Gamecock fans are excited whenever they see that about an addition to our family.”

South Carolina has 16 verbal commitments for the Class of 2019. The Gamecocks group currently is ranked No. 17 in the nation by 247Sports.

The most recent #SpursUp! came with Class of 2020 quarterback Luke Doty of Myrtle Beach committed to the Gamecocks on July 31. Here’s what that looked liked on Twitter and a few of the fan reactions that followed.