Josh Kendall

The technique Marcus Lattimore is teaching South Carolina’s running backs

Marcus Lattimore isn’t allowed to provide on-field coaching to South Carolina’s football players, but there’s nothing to stop him from passing along some of his knowledge in other settings.

That’s what Gamecocks running backs coach Bobby Bentley has asked Lattimore to do about something very specific this season. There are certainly worse people to ask for advice in the area. Lattimore is the school’s sixth-leading rusher of all-time, gaining 2,677 yards and scoring a school-record 38 rushing touchdowns from 2010-2012.

Bentley coached at Byrnes High School, where Lattimore starred before coming to South Carolina, from 1995 through 2006 (and then again for a later stint). Lattimore became South Carolina’s director of player development for football in the offseason, a role that puts him in charge of the team’s Beyond Football program and in contact with the players on a daily basis.

“There’s nothing wrong with him talking to the running backs on the way to the practice field,” Bentley said. “As far as on-field coaching he doesn’t do any but he’s always around mentoring the guys.

Lattimore was named the 2010 SEC Freshman of the Year after helping the Gamecocks to the 2010 SEC East title and an appearance in the SEC championship game, and one the big reasons for all that success is what Bentley calls his “torpedo technique,” which is what he has asked him to pass along to Rico Dowdle, Ty’Son Williams, A.J. Turner and the rest of South Carolina’s running backs.

“Torpedo, where you just lunge through Marcus Lattimore-style. Marcus was the best at the torpedo technique,” Bentley said. “We got Marcus in the running back room and went back all the way to his freshman year. A big one he did against LSU and we showed the clip to get them to understand – get your shoulders narrow and get in the hole and get the first down.”