Josh Kendall

Just a funny Will Muschamp tale: ‘This is a true story’

We covered a lot of newsy items Wednesday so let’s start Thursday with a funny story.

South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp recounted it Wednesday to the Columbia TD Club during a lunch appearance. Muschamp was asked about his support staff and was praising director of high school relations Clyde Wrenn. As you’ll see, Muschamp’s praise often comes with a healthy dash of chop-busting.

“Clyde Wrenn has probably been the best hire I have had to be honest with you in terms of a guy who has been able to connect a lot of the dots for me as far as the South Carolina people because he understands the South Carolina people,” Muschamp said. “He was working for Coach (Ray) Tanner. Coach Tanner kept saying, ‘You need to talk to Clyde Wrenn.’ Finally, I just started wondering if he was just trying to get rid of Clyde Wrenn. This is a true story. Clyde came in and I said, ‘What can you do for our football program to make a difference in a positive manner?’ Clyde started going through all the things he could do. He also said, ‘I’m going to have the best high school coaching clinic in the world.’ He denies this now, but he did say it in my office. I said, ‘In the world?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’

“I said, ‘Let me tell you about a high school clinic to me that is very important. First of all, we have to keep our speakers happy and we have to get really competent, good speakers. I said high school coaches and myself like cold beer, I’m going to be honest with you. So we have to have plenty of that. And I said I like to eat and they like to eat, so we need good food. You do those three things and we’ll have a great clinic.’ He said, ‘I can handle all of that.’

“So it comes time for the clinic. He gets Coach (Lou) Holtz to come back but the plane he had got canceled. So now Coach Holtz is (mad). He’s mad coming in the door. I said, ‘Well, you violated rule No. 1.’ Then we come out and the coaches are all sitting out there and there’s no beer. I said, ‘Clyde, where’s the beer?’ He said, I was going to hold it for later. I said, ‘What are we waiting on? Are you trying to make them thirsty? Let’s get the beer out here.’ Then that night we ran out of food. Now, he says he’s going to get it back next year, but I question that.

“No, Clyde’s been outstanding. He’s a great friend in a short period of time, and a guy that I really trust.”

As for actual football news, the Gamecocks began their game preparation for Vanderbilt during Thursday morning’s practice so the season in almost here.