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Usually a quarterback, Jackson Muschamp making most of position switch

Jackson Muschamp adjusting to new surroundings, position for Hammond Skyhawks

Jackson Muschamp, son of South Carolina coach Will Muschamp, has made an impact on defense for Hammond Skyhawks.
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Jackson Muschamp, son of South Carolina coach Will Muschamp, has made an impact on defense for Hammond Skyhawks.

As the son of a college football coach, Jackson Muschamp is used to moving and adjusting to new surroundings.

This year, it has been adjustment on the field for Muschamp, son of South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp. The sophomore will take over quarterback duties next season when record-setting quarterback Corbett Glick graduates at Hammond.

In the meantime, Hammond coach Erik Kimrey wanted to get Muschamp on the field so he moved him to defense. Muschamp has been the starting free safety for the Skyhawks, who play Laurence Manning on Saturday for the SCISA 3A championship.

“He has done a great job playing at a position that he didn’t play on JV. We felt like he is such a good athlete that we didn’t want him to sit on the bench,” Kimrey said. “He has gotten better every single week and hopefully he can contribute to the defensive effort on Saturday.”

Will Muschamp, a former defensive back, will be in the stands at Benedict College on Saturday as soon as the Gamecocks’ game against Wofford wraps up and he fulfills his media obligations. Jackson said his dad has been to many of his games this season and the two bond talking football -- about Hammond and the Gamecocks.

Muschamp, 6-foot, 170 pounds, has 21 tackles for the Skyhawks and is 4-of-10 passing in limited playing time on offense. He said playing in the secondary will help his development as a quarterback.

“I just went in and tried to do my best. Kind of hard at first, a different transition. People always say you learn a lot more playing quarterback by playing safety or defensive back,” Muschamp said. “I never realized it until after playing safety. You learn kind of what the defense is going through and what they are thinking. It helps you when you go to quarterback because you know what they are thinking on defense. It has been a good transition.”

Muschamp has lived in Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Alabama growing up. He lived in Auburn a little more than a year when his dad sat his family down and told them he was going to be the next coach with the Gamecocks.

“I embraced the moving and turn things into a positive. It is kind of tough at times. If he says it is a better situation for our family, he knows what’s best for us,” Jackson said. “I feel like every time I moved I like the next place better than the last one. I love Hammond, the football, the academics and sports.”