SC woman said ‘Yes!’ on stage with help from country singer Lee Brice

Josie Harris dreamed about being married. The proposal, on bended knee, from the love of her life, Warrick McZeke.

It happened Saturday night at Myrtle Beach.

In front of 30,000 people.

On stage.

With Lee Brice playing.

The Internet has gone berserk watching, and clapping, and crying with joy.

The crowd roared. Brice jammed. Harris, 28, tried to stand up without fainting in her Daisy Dukes shorts on stage as the music just about stopped, and McZeke expressed his love and devotion. Her immediate response:

“I will absolutely marry you!”

Warrick was thrilled – he had planned the scam with Harris unaware since November.

“Even her parents knew,” McZeke said.

Country star Brice was McZeke’s roommate at Clemson in the late 1990s and the guys remain tight. Brice knew of the planned proposal, and like all great rockers knew a great idea when he heard one.

McZeke went on stage and he sang some until Harris was pulled on stage and he reached into his back pocket. When he dropped to his knee even Harris knew what was up – the last in the whole crowd.

“I was stunned – speechless,” said Harris, 28, a Rock Hill High graduate. “I wasn’t embarrassed, but I was nervous. I was on stage in front of 30,000 people!”

Since Saturday night the videos have gotten thousands of views, and the two have become social media darlings.

“It all worked perfect,” McZeke said.

After the proposal, Brice cranked back up the music and the couple shared a dance.

Harris put it the way any future bride would, even with 30,000 witnesses to her proposal: “Best day of my life.”