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The Fab Four transports audiences back to the 1960s with Beatles tribute

The Fab Four will bring their Beatles tribute to Newberry Opera House on Sept. 8.
The Fab Four will bring their Beatles tribute to Newberry Opera House on Sept. 8. Sal Gomez Photography

Paul, John, Ringo and George may have disbanded the Beatles nearly a half century ago, but the magic and memories evoked by their music linger on.

And it will definitely be resonating in a big way on Sept. 8 at the Newberry Opera House when The Fab Four takes stage to transport the audience back to the 1960s with Beatles favorites and taste of what it might have been like to watch the Beatles live during their heyday.

“Other than playing the songs, we try to give our audience members a visual window into what it might’ve been like to see the Beatles perform live,” said Gavin Pring, who plays the role of George Harrison for The Fab Four. “To some, it’s reliving a memory. To others (too young to have seen the original lads), it’s a moment of what It might’ve been like to see the Beatles live.”

The Beatles tribute band, founded in 1997, has won an Emmy and four Telly awards for their 2012 PBS special, “The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute”, and numerous other TV appearances.

The group started as a local club band and was soon selling out clubs. They moved to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas. After that they took their show on the road.

This stage production spans all facets of the Beatles’ music, from their early Ed Sullivan and Shea Stadium days through their Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road eras and beyond.

The show includes Beatles music that sounds just like the Beatles singing it. With the aid of wigs, makeup and costumes, band members also look like the original “Fab Four.”

Pring, a native of Liverpool, England (the birthplace of the Beatles) was recently there for BeatleWeek where he got his second “compliment” from the original Beatles.

“In 2002, Paul McCartney said I looked a little bit like George, and just recently, at Beatleweek 2018, Pattie Boyd (George’s first wife) said I sounded a lot like George,” Pring said. “So, I’ll take those as the biggest compliments I could ever wish for.”

The Fab Four is based in the Los Angeles area, and has toured extensively throughout the U.S. as well as internationally, recreating the Beatles’ music multiple thousands of times.

What makes The Fab Four unique among Beatles tribute bands is that the four band members play all their own music live, systematically moving through the different Beatles eras, changing costumes between sets to represent the early Beatlemania years, the Sgt. Pepper/psychedelic era, and the Abbey Road and post-Beatles period.

Costumes include the identical black chesterfield suits worn by the Beatles during their Ed Sullivan Show debut, the colorful Sgt. Pepper uniforms and regalia worn by the Beatles during their psychedelic era, and the totally unique clothing styles that marked the later Beatles and post-Beatles years.

Whether you bought the Beatles albums in the 1960s, or took a class about them in college, it’s a show designed to make you hum and smile.

“From my experience of performing over the years, I think the main reason why people come to the show is because the music is magic,” Pring said. “People tend to know Beatle music by heart, and sitting in a theater with other guests enjoying and singing along with the songs we love is quite literally, spiritual.”

If you go

The Fab Four

When: 8 p.m. Sept. 8

Where: Newberry Opera House, 1201 McKibben Street, Newberry

Tickets: $55-$65. Tickets can be purchased online at www.newberryoperahouse.com or by calling 803- 276-5179.

About the band: www.thefabfour.com