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Ethics Commission tallies late-filing violators

The South Carolina State Ethics Commission is using the shame strategy to round up political entities and candidates who owe money for late-filing penalities.

The Commission is publishing a list of debtors, duplicated below, who owe various amounts related to late filing violations.

The Commission says the debtors have all been issued public orders with enforcement fines and/or have had judgments filed against them with their county court. They have been sent letters, telephone or been personally contacted. They also have been referred to the state Department of Revenue for collection via the Set Off Debt Program and the Governmental Enterprise Accounts Receivable program.

Note that in the list below, the penalty shown might differ from any judgment amount as a result of partial payments or additional penalties.

Entries marked with an * show amounts as of Jan. 26.

Akers Jr., James R. Greenville Candidate - Greenville County Council $700.00
Alston, William W. Okatie Candidate - Beaufort County Clerk of Court $5,200.00
Altman, John G. Charleston Candidate - Charleston County School Board $100.00
Anderson, Kiba Columbia Candidate - Richland County Council $100.00
Austin, Ted K.* Hanahan Candidate - City of Hanahan Council $44,800.00
Bailey, Dorothy Lincolnville Candidate - Town of Lincolnville Council $100.00
Bamberg, Charles* Orangeburg Candidate - Town of Branchville Council $55,500.00
Bamberg County Republican Party Bamberg Political Party $100.00
Banks, Richard McDonough, GA Former Lobbyist - Southern States Police Benevolent Association $2,600.00
Barnett, Clyde Duncan Candidate - Town of Duncan Council $100.00
Barr, Joe L. Batesburg-Leesville Council - City of Batesburg-Leesville $100.00
Belin, Sonny B. Pamplico Candidate - Florence County School Board $500.00
Benson Jr., Clifton* Folly Beach Candidate - City of Folly Beach $167,600.00
Bigger, James W.* Sharon Council- York County $600,800.00
Blackwell, Joyce A.* Orangeburg Vice President of Academic Affairs - South Carolina State University $2,200.00
Boatwright, Alan D.* Greenwood Candidate - Greenwood County Council $73,000.00
Bolen Sr., Milledge B. Blackville Candidate - Barnwell County Council $200.00
Boiter, Anne G. Ninety Six Council - City of Ninety Six $100.00
Bostick, Margaret Ridgeland Jasper County Clerk of Court $100.00
Bradley, Donald D. Columbia LLR - Social Work Examiners Board $5,200.00
Branch, Timothy D.* Clio Council - Town of Clio $100.00
Branton, Bill Summerville Candidate - Governor (2002) $28,549.23
Bridges Jr., Earl A.* Spartanburg Board of Trustees - South Carolina State University $1,700.00
Brown, Anthony W.* Mt. Pleasant Trustee - Charleston County District Two School Board $54,600.00
Brown, Simon L.* Hemingway Candidate - Williamsburg County Sheriff $87,600.00
Bruce, Catherine F. Columbia Candidate - City of Columbia Council $100.00
Buckmon, Harold Barnwell Candidate - Barnwell County Council $100.00
Cain, Edith M. Johnsonville Candidate - City of Johnsonville Council $100.00
Callanan, Timothy J. Daniel Island Candidate - Berkeley County Council $100.00
Cameron, William L. Chester Commissioner - Chester County Election Commission $100.00
Campbell, MIchael * Columbia Candidate - Lieutenant Governor $265,600.00
Cannon, Rodney Hardeeville Candidate - Town of Hardeeville Mayor $17,400.00
Care-Tex, Inc. Manasquan, NJ Lobbyist's Principal $600.00
Carolinians for Change Sullivan's Island Committee $100.00
Chapman, Jason W. Walterboro Candidate - Colleton County Sheriff $215,600.00
Chapman, Wayne G. Darlington Candidate - Darlington City Council $5,000.00
Chester County Democratic Party Gaffney Political Party $50,600.00
Childress, Torlando R.* Columbia Candidate - Richland County District One School Board $168,200.00
City of Charleston Republican Party Charleston Committee (Not affiliated with the SC Republican Party or the Charleston County Republican Party. It is an independent entity completely unassociated with any official Republican Party organization or person.) $12,500.00
Clark, Johnny Pageland Advisory Council - Chesterfield County Schools $4,100.00
Cole, Carolyn D. Atlantic Beach Candidate - Town of Atlantic Beach Council $19,500.00
Cole, Robert G. Cheraw Council - Chesterfield County $100.00
Conner III, James E. Landrum Candidate - City of Landrum Council $9,285.69
Conyers Sr., Johnel Georgetown Candidate - Georgetown County School Board $100.00
Cook, David W. Taylors Candidate - Tigerville Fire District $100.00
Cooley, Thomas R. Honea Path Candidate - City of Anderson Council $100.00
Corley, Doris M. Chapin Council - Richland County $13,403.33
Corley, Andreas J.* Columbia Business Manager - Denmark Technical College $100.00
Corley, Kendall L. Columbia Candidate - Richland County Clerk of Court $17,600.00
Crump Jr., Herbert C. Rock Hill Candidate - City of Rock Hill Mayor $4,300.00
Curry Jr., Walter B. Columbia Lobbyist - Strategic Leadership Group $400.99
D.H. Hankins Trucking Co., LLC Mount Pleasant Lobbyist's Principal $1,200.00
Dillon County Democratic Party Fork Political Party $300.00
Dixon, Mike E. Spartanburg Commissioner - Patriots Point Development Authority $100.00
Dorchester County Democratic Party Summerville Political Party $2,400.00
Dowling, Betty B. Timmonsville Candidate - Florence County Council $100.00
Dukes, Joseph S. Johnsonville Candidate - City of Johnsonville Mayor $100.00
Duncan, Stephanie E. Greenville Candidate - Mayor of Greenville $600.00
Duval, Charles L. New Ellenton Candidate - City of New Ellenton Council $100.00
Edgefield County Democratic Party* Trenton Political Party $3,300.00
Edmond, David Columbia Candidate - Richland County District One School Board $19,400.00
Eotec Capital, LLC Austin, Texas Lobbyist's Principal $1,200.00
Felix, Herman H. Lynchburg Council - City of Lynchburg $2,160.00
Fitzgerald, Elaine Awendaw Trustee - Charleston County School Board $100.00
Footman. Gene R. Georgetown Candidate - Georgetown County School Board $100.00
Fore, Bernice F. Sellers Council - Town of Sellers $100.00
Foxworth III, Marion D. Myrtle Beach Council - Horry County District #3 $3,700.00
Gadson, Joseph L. Santee Candidate - Orangeburg County District #3 School Board $600.00
Gale, Ian Columbia Lobbyist - National Alliance $100.00
Gardner, James Ridgeland Trustee - Jasper County School Board $100.00
Garrett, Allen F. Laurens Candidate - Laurens County Council $9,079.00
Gaskins Sr., Joshua Nesmith Trustee - Williamsburg County Schools $2,600.00
Gibson, Anthony Eastover Council - City of Eastover $11,800.00
Gibbons, Larry E. Turbeville Council - City of Turbeville $100.00
Gilchrist, Stephen Columbia Lobbyist - Strategic Leadership Group $100.00
Gilland, Elizabeth D. Conway Candidate - Horry County Council $45,000.00
Glover, Frank A. Beaufort Candidate - City of Beaufort Council $800.00
Glover, Timothy N. Winnsboro Council - Town of Winnsboro $4,700.00
Grant Jr., Charlie A., Varnville Council - Hampton County $100.00
Grant, Joseph Columbia Lobbyist - Cigar Association of America, City of Columbia, Independent Consumer Finance Association, Jasper County, and Lakewell, LLC $500.00
Gregory, Samuel Ridgeland Candidate - Jasper County Council $37,200.00
Hagood, Jameka L. Blacksville Candidate - Barnwell County School Board $50.00
Hampton County Democratic Party* Hampton Political Party $61,000.00
Hannah, Gracie S. Lake City Trustee - Florence County District Three School Board $2,800.00
Harbour Town Yacht Club Hilton Head Island Lobbyist's Principal $2,000.00
Hardy, Chris Rock Hill Lobbyist - York County Regional Chamber of Commerce $600.00
Harrelson, Nancy P. Marion Candidate - City of Marion Mayor $6,700.00
Harris, Debbie P. Whitmire Candidate - City of Newberry Council $100.00
Hayduk, Matthew J. Fort Sill, OK Candidate - Greenville County School Board District 17 $100.00
HCA Good Government Fund Charleston Committee $100.00
Helms, Robert G. Sharon Council $600.00
Herren, Daniel C. Mauldin Candidate - Greenville County School Board $32,300.00
Hickman, William Bishopville Candidate - City of Bishopville Council $100.00
Hilton Head Coalition for Fair Contracting Hilton Head Island Lobbyist's Principal $2,600.00
Hinson, Donald M. Great Falls Candidate - City of Great Falls Council $2,600.00
Holloway, Sharon Saluda Candidate - Saluda County School Board District 1 $100.00
Holman, Jackie T. Blackville Mayor - City of Blackville $136.00
Hope Plantation Group North Myrtle Beach Lobbyist's Principal $5,200.00
Horne, Robert G. Pelzer Candidate $100.00
Horton, Hilda T. Ridgeland Candidate - Jasper County Council $160,400.00
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Lyman Lobbyist's Principal $200.00
Jackson, Nathaniel Johnston Candidate - Edgefield County School Board $2,500.00
Jackson, Sharon P. Columbia Candidate - Richland County Council $16,507.00
Jacques, Patsy Vance Candidate - City of Vance Mayor $100.00
Janesky, Darren M. Blacksburg Council - Town of Blacksburg $100.00
Jarvis, James V.* Walterboro Candidate - City of Walterboro Mayor $259,298.19
Jenkins, Terrence D. Lancaster Candidate - Lancaster County School Board $100.00
Joe, Clarence Timmonsville Council - City of TImmonsville $4,554.51
Johnson, Richard E.R.* Eastover Former Member of Council - City of Eastover $732,400.00
Johnson, Maurice Estill Candidate - Hampton County School District 2 $100.00
Johnson, Thelma S. Eastover Board Member - LLR Manufactured Housing Board $100.00
Jones, Pat* Bamberg Candidate - Bamberg County School Board $146,900.00
Jones, R.C. Mauldin Candidate - City of Mauldin Council $3,100.00
Jordan, Cindy J.* Mauldin Candidate - Mauldin City Council $373,173.93
Karr, Arnold Columbia Candidate - Superintendent of Education $133,263.77
Kavanagh, Stephen J. Society Hill Candidate - Town of Society Hill Council $100.00
Kershaw County Republican Party Elgin Political Party $4,100.00
Killian, William D. Chester Candidate - City of Chester Council $100.00
Kinard, D. Glen Allendale Agriculture Commissioner $100.00
Knight III, Norman R. N. Charleston Trustee - Charleston County School Board $2,600.00
Knuckles, John L. Columbia Board Member - SC Developmental Disabilities Council $100.00
Kocurek, James Aaron Rock Hill Lobbyist - Main Street REIA $810.00
Lance, James M. Marietta Candidate - Greenville County School Board $10,400.00
Lawton Sr., Henry C. Ridgeland Board Member - SC DHEC $1,600.00
Lewis, Rodney L. Charleston Trustee - Charleston County School Board District 10 $300.00
Litman, Patrick R.* Anderson Candidate - Anderson County Council $402,568.00
Loving Care Caskets Buford, Georgia Lobbyist's Principal $5,200.00
McAbee, Patricia H. Greenville Board of Trustees - Clemson University $100.00
McAbee Jr., Willie H. Pendleton Candidate - Anderson County Council $118,300.00
McBride, Mark S.* Myrtle Beach Candidate - City of Myrtle Beach Mayor $4,600.00
McCall, Annie M. Manning Council - City of Manning $13,200.00
McClellan, Gretchen Sellers Council - Town of Sellers $100.00
McDuffie, Johnny Bishopville Candidate - Lee County School Board $7,900.00
McElveen, Jr., Leroy J.* Summerton Candidate - Clarendon County Sheriff $46,900.00
McGee, Lynn C. Gilbert Council - City of Gilbert $43.00
McQueen, John R. Mt. Pleasant Trustee - Charleston County School Board $43.00
Main Street REIA Rock Hill Lobbyist's Principle $460.00
Managed Care of North America, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Lobbyist's Principal $100.00
Mangum, Jonathan D. Irmo Trustee - Lexington County School Board District 5 $2,600.00
Marlboro County Democratic Party Bennettsville Political Party $100.00
Melvin, E.J. Bishopville Lee County Sheriff $8,100.00
Mintz, Louis C. Mt. Pleasant Board Member - Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority $100.00
Mitchell, Cecil R. Iva Director - Wilson Creek Water Shed $100.00
Mitchell, Marland West Columbia Candidate - Lexington County School Board District 2 $100.00
Mizzell, Anthony G. Columbia Candidate - Richland County Council $100.00
Mobley, James A. Columbia Candidate - Richland County School Board $100.00
Mole, Cheryl Allendale Candidate - Allendale County School Board $100.00
Moore, Eddie Lee* Heath Springs Candidate - City of Heath Springs Council $1,200.00
Moskow Jr., Abraham H. Barnwell Board Member - Savannah River Site RDA $200.00
Moultrie, James E. Dillon Candidate - Dillon County Council $300.00
Muhammad, Nammu Columbia Candidate - Richland County School Board $100.00
Nelson, Edward King Chester Candidate - City of Chester Council $100.00
Nelson, Robert J. Chester Candidate - City of Chester Council $100.00
Norwood, Timothy F.* Florence Trustee - Francis Marion University $1,700.00
Ombu, April N. Kingstree Candidate - City of Kingstree Council $100.00
The Owl's Nest Recovery House Florence Lobbyist's Principal $700.00
Page Sr., Johnny C. Abbeville Candidate - Abbeville County Coroner $5,200.00
Parker, Theodore Carroll Honea Path Council - City of Honea Path $600.00
Pasley, Stanley Hemingway Candidate - Williamsburg County Supervisor $74,500.00
Patients First Charleston Committee $6,000.00
Patterson, Alan D. Indian Land Candidate - Lancaster County Council $800.00
Pierce, Derrick Spartanburg Lobbyist - Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce $270.00
Piggly Wiggly Central, Inc. Sumter Lobbyist's Principal $100.00
Pinson, Jonathan N. Simpsonville Board of Trustees - South Carolina State University $100.00
Poston, Kenneth H. Walhalla Candidate - Oconee County School Board $18,300.00
Poston, Louin B. N. Charleston Candidate - City of North Charleston Council $140,596.00
Price, James L. Columbia Trustee - Richland County District #2School Board $72,418.54
Pritcher, Ty I. Vance Commissioner - Orangeburg Conservation District $14,800.00
Pro Tech Monitoring Tallahassee, FL Lobbyist's Principal $100.00
Pryor, Teddie North Charleston Council - Charleston County $200.00
Quinn, Gary S. Cowpens Candidate - Town of Cowpens Council $1,463.82
Ramsey, Jack D. Mt. Pleasant Lobbyist - United Transportation Union $7,051.36
Ramsey, James B.* Winnsboro Candidate - Fairfield County Coroner $47,000.00
Reaves, Neivory Vance Council - City of Vance $10,600.00
Reid, Kenneth D. Taylors Board Member - Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority $100.00
Research Services Columbia Lobbyist's Principal $200.00
RISE SC, Inc. Columbia Lobbyist's Principal $700.00
Rivers, Paul M.* Ridgeland Candidate - Jasper County Sheriff $278,800.00
Robinson, Edward Florence Candidate - City of Florence Council $49,170.00
Ross, Glen Great Falls Candidate - Chester County School Board $1,500.00
Ruffin, Kenneth M. Smyrna Candidate - York County Council, District 3 $25,600.00
Sadler, Arthur M. Walterboro Candidate - Colleton County Sheriff $100.00
Sahlmann, John A. Cottageville Candidate - City of Cottageville Council $100.00
Sanders, Vernon L. Gaffney Candidate - City of Gaffney Mayor $5,172.64
Sawyer, Charlotte G. Calhoun Falls Council - Town of Calhoun Falls $100.00
Scott. Robert A. Dillon Candidate - Dillon County Council $100.00
SCSA Columbia Committee $100.00
Segway Manchester, NH Lobbyist's Principal $100.00
Sheek, Christopher Greenwood Candidate - Eighth Circuit Solicitor $41,900.00
Sheppard, Willard Charleston Candidate - City of Charleston Council $5,023.00
Shuler, Travis A. Columbia Lobbyist - Strategic Leadership Group $470.00
Simmons, Ricky D. Ware Shoals Candidate - Laurens County School Board $100.00
Simmons, Samantha Chester Candidate - City of Chester Council $100.00
Simpson, Roger A. West Columbia Council - Town of Pine Ridge $100.00
Simuel, Thomas S. Columbia Lobbyist - Strategic Leadership Group $600.00
Singleton, Kerry D. Greeleyville Council - City of Greeleyville $1,928.00
Smalls, Eva Beaufort Council - City of Beaufort $1,200.00
Smalls, Sr., Kenneth L. Hollywood Candidate - Town of Hollywood Council $9,200.00
Smiley, Jeffery A. Edgefield Candidate - City of Edgefield Council $100.00
S.C. Association of Real Estate Investment Professionals Chapin Lobbyist's Principal $880.00
South Carolina Green Party Columbia Committee $200.00
South Carolina Working Families Columbia Committee $100.00
Snipes, Delphine V.* Summerville Candidate - Commission of Public Works - Town of Summerville $69,802.00
Stokes, Robert M. Bishopville Commissioner - Lee County Election Commission $23,700.00
Strategic Leadership Group Columbia Lobbyist's Principal $390.00
Strengthening Florence Families Florence Committee $100.00
Stroman, Joshua Columbia Candidate - City of Columbia Council $200.00
Sutton, Charlie McBee Council - Town of McBee $100.00
Sweat, Keith M. Kershaw Candidate - City of Kershaw Mayor $394.00
The Old Home Place Mauldin Lobbyist's Principal $260.00
Thompson, Robert L. Fairfax Trustee - Allendale County School Board $77,329.92
Tomory, Tanya M. New Ellenton Candidate - Town of New Ellenton Council $100.00
Tuten, David A. Ehrhardt Former Member - Ehrhardt City Council $1,263.00
Tyner, Kenneth G. Belton Candidate - City of Honea Path Council $100.00
United Transportation Union Mt. Pleasant Lobbyist's Principal $1,200.00
Valentin, Kim Easley Council - City of Easley $5,000.00
Van Winkle, Keith C. * Myrtle Beach Candidate - Horry County Council $241,500.00
Washington, Maurice G. Charleston Trustee - South Carolina State University $10.00
Washington, Roosevelt A. Sellers Candidate - Town of Sellers Council $100.00
White Jr., James Vance Council Member - City of Vance $5,300.00
Williams, Antonio* Columbia Candidate - City of Columbia Council $4,900.00
Williams, Rudy Columbia Lobbyist - SC Assn. of the Deaf & SC Dance Coalition $3,070.12
Wood, Johnnie T. Columbia Former Director of Purchasing - SC Commission for the Blind $2,600.00
Woods Jr., L. Berry Fountain Inn Candidate - City of Fountain Inn Council $100.00
Wright, Frank Huger Trustee - Berkeley County School Board $100.00
Wright Sr., Johnny E. Timmonsville Candidate - City of Timmonsville Council $100.00
Wylder, William H. North Charleston Candidate - City of North Charleston Council $14.38
Wyman, Jeffery Columbia Commission Member - Real Estate Commission - LLR $100.00
Yablin, Bruce E. Georgetown Candidate - City of Georgetown Council $100.00
York County Regional Chamber of Commerce Rock Hill Lobbyist's Principal $180.00
Zullinger, Chip Manassa, VA Former Lobbyist - S.C. Education Association $2,600.00