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Hospital: No one here filled out application for Haley

Lexington Medical Center officials said Wednesday hospital staff did not not fill out or alter a 2008 job application from Gov. Nikki Haley that reported an annual income of $125,000 – five times the amount Haley reported she was paid by her parents' business on her federal tax returns.

Haley's staff said Tuesday the then-state Representative did not fill out the application, did not report she earned $125,000 and did not know how the document ended up in a hospital personnel file obtained by The State through a public records request.

Hospital spokesman Mark Shelley said applications are filled out in person or online, and once submitted, cannot be altered by the applicant or staff. Haley had hand-signed one of two applications – authorizing a background check – but Shelley said that signature covered both the background check and her job application. Haley's staff said the lack of Haley's signature suggested she did not fill out and submit the application.

"I can assure you that no member of the staff filled out that application," Shelley said. "No one can change that application."Shelley was unsure if Haley filled out the application in person or online. Shelley said it is possible, but not likely, that someone could have submitted an online application in Haley's name, but would have had to know her social security number, address, job history, past supervisors, job duties, education and other details.

Haley was hired as a fundraiser in August 2008, a position created for her at a $110,000-a-year salary, leaving the post in April 2010 as she was campaigning in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Records show hospital staff was having trouble getting in contact with Haley and had asked her to take a leave of absence, which she refused. Eventually Haley and the hospital agreed to a $35,000 severance package.