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He just beat stage 4 cancer. Friday night he was shot

On Friday night, Edward Douglas Reaves was at his home near 1100 Kenneth Drive in Lexington. Around 8:15 p.m., police found him dead.

Kenneth Drive is a weathered cut in unincorporated Lexington County. The yellow lines on the asphalt disappear not long after you turn on the road. The road is flanked by a couple brick homes, but mostly trailers or other types of prefabricated houses sit along the sand and grass lots. Trees or other tangled shrubs hide a lot of the trailers. Some are guarded by chain-link fences.

Details are sparse about what happened Friday night. Lexington County Sheriff’s Department responded to shots fired along Kenneth Drive sometime near 8 p.m. They found Reaves shot in the upper body. The department is investigating Reaves’ death. No arrest yet, they say. No charges have come either. The department doesn’t have a suspect or person of interest they’re looking into. The Lexington coroner is calling it a homicide.

Amber Nichole Tibbs, Reaves’ sister, said over social media, “all you (Reaves) wanted was to break up an argument and you got shot for NO REASON in YOUR yard and the guy is still on the streets. you will get justice”

Reaves had just beat stage 4 cancer for the second time, Tibbs says. She called her brother “very strong.”

“He has survived a lot of things,” she said.

Reaves friends and family have been posting about him on social media.

“My heart is completely shattered for all (t)he family and friends I seen crushed tonight,” Emily Brown said. “RIP Eddie.”

Tibbs asked people to post pictures of him. “I want to make my mom a book so she can remember how much her son was loved by everyone,” his sister said.

After Reaves’ passed Eliza Rene, a close friend, wrote, “Wish I could’ve woke up and this all be a bad dream.”

On Aug. 27, Reaves posted, “...and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have EverlastinG life.”

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