Best sellers list: Feb. 14, 2010


1. THE HELP, Kathryn Stockett (Amy Einhorn/Putnam, $24.95)

2. THE LOST SYMBOL, Dan Brown (Doubleday, $29.95)

3. KISSER, Stuart Woods (Putnam, $25.95)

4. BLOOD TIES, Kay Hooper (Bantam, $26)

5. THE FIRST RULE, Robert Crais (Putnam, $26.95)

6. THE SWAN THIEVES, Elizabeth Kostova (Little, Brown, $26.99)

7. I, ALEX CROSS, James Patterson (Little, Brown, $27.99)

8. THE LAST SONG, Nicholas Sparks (Grand Central, $24.99)

9. THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, Stieg Larsson (Knopf, $25.95)

10. ROSES, Leila Meacham (Grand Central, $24.99)


1. GAME CHANGE, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. (Harper/HarperCollins, $27.99)

2. I AM OZZY, Ozzy Osbourne with Chris Ayres (Grand Central, $26.99)

3. THE POLITICIAN, Andrew Young (Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's, $24.99)

4. COMMITTED, Elizabeth Gilbert (Viking, $26.95)

5. HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, Mitch Albom (Hyperion, $23.99)

6. OUTLIERS, Malcolm Gladwell (Little, Brown, $27.99)

7. STONES INTO SCHOOLS, Greg Mortenson (Viking, $26.95)

8. JUST KIDS Patti Smith. (Ecco/HarperCollins, $27)

9. COURTING DISASTER, Marc A. Thiessen (Regnery, $29.95)

10. THE CHECKLIST MANIFESTO, Atul Gawande. (Metropolitan/Holt, $24.50)


1. THE KIND DIET, Alicia Silverstone. (Rodale, $29.99)

2. THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, Gretchen Rubin. (Harper/HarperCollins, $25.99)

3. MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING, VOL. 1, Julia Child, Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle (Knopf, $40)

4. THE MAYO CLINIC DIET, the Mayo Clinic staff (Good Books, $25.99)

5. ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN, Steve Harvey with Denene Millner (Amistad/HarperCollins, $23.99)

6. THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK, Timothy Ferriss (Crown, $22)

7. MASTER YOUR METABOLISM, Jillian Michaels with Mariska van Aalst (Crown, $26)

8. THE SECRET, Rhonda Byrne (Atria/Beyond Words, $23.95)

9. THE FIFTH AGREEMENT, Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz with Janet Mills (Amber-Allen, $19.95)

10. LINCHPIN, Seth Godin (Portfolio, $25.95)

- New York Times

BETWEEN THE COVERS: One of the many production secrets revealed in "Some Like It Hot: The Official 50th Anniversary Companion" (Collins Design) is one of the reasons Billy Wilder chose to film the comedy in black and white: the color photography clearly shows Jack Lemmon's heavy beard showing through the pancake makeup that helped transform him into a (barely) plausible woman.

- Palm Beach Post

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