This ‘restaurant of the year’ is in SC’s backyard

Screenshot of The Grey’s food featured on their Facebook page.
Screenshot of The Grey’s food featured on their Facebook page. has named its 2017 Restaurant of the Year, and it’s just day trip away from Columbia.

The Grey, in Savannah, Ga., was named the best in an article published on Wednesday by, a website that is dedicated to culinary news. The article was published as part of a list that features America’s 38 Essential Restaurants for 2017.

Grey stood out to Eater’s national critic among more than 500 meals in 36 cities he had in 2017.

“Everything that it takes to propel an ambitious restaurant to greatness — a coherent vision, a distaste for complacency, and singular leadership — Mashama Bailey accomplishes at the Grey,” said Bill Addition in the article. “The restaurant synthesizes much of what’s relevant about this moment in American dining: an amalgamation of global and regional flavors; a big-city chef making a seismic impact in a smaller town; and an acute awareness of, and reckoning with, complex racial, economic, and cultural histories.”

“Beyond that, the cooking bursts with utter humanity, Addison said.

The restaurant said in a Facebook post that its staff was humbled by the story.

Other restaurants featured on the list that are just a short ride away include Bertha’s and The Grocery, both in Charleston.

Cynthia Roldán: @CynthiaRoldan