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Chick-fil-A to put popular item out to pasture in 2019, and customers are bellyaching

At the end of the year, Chick-fil-A will “retire” an item that has proven to be very popular with its customers.

So popular that many have taken to social media to voice their disapproval.

What has fans so upset? This is the last year Chick-fil-A is offering its Cow Calendars.

For 20 years, the popular chain restaurant has sold the calendars. They have featured its official mascots, cows, doing and saying comical things to help “spread their self-preservation message” and sell chicken sandwiches.

Not only are the calendars amusing, they are also popular because customers who have the calendar get a free menu item each month.

Chick-fil-A described the 2018 Cow Calendar as something that “opens the door to delicious food and surprises and is your key to special monthly offers.”

Many fans will be craving the calendars come this holiday season.

One person even tweeted “Chick-fil-A is getting rid of the Cow Calendar omg what am I gonna buy myself for Christmas now?”

Chick-fil-A sent out an email Wednesday to tell its loyal Cow Calendar customers that the product will be discontinued. While it said it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to “the past 20 years of steers,” it quickly pivots to what it hopes customers will use instead of the calendar.

The restaurant is pushing its Chick‑fil‑A One product, which is available online and through an app and will offer “free food rewards.”

Chick-fil-A does not want to miss out on holiday revenue. In the email, the company said it is “stepping up our gift card game to make sure you have something to give those most special to you.”

Twitter has been filled with reactions from Cow Calendar lovers.

Some were angry, while others have said they are hurt — or are even “betrayed” — by the loss of the Cow Calendars.

One person has started a Twitter page, Chick-fil-A calendar,” as well as trademarking the website domain . There’s even a petition.

Here’s what some customers who have lost their appetites over the decision are saying:

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