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Bojangles’ adds new ‘melty, cheddary goodness’ to SC menu. What will you spread it on?

Bojangles’ unveiled a new dish that people in South Carolina and around the South should be quite familiar with.

Monday, the chicken and biscuit fast food restaurant announced the addition of pimento cheese to its menu.

Its take on the classic Southern recipe can be added to any of Bojangles’ meals or diners can get the spread on the restaurant’s new Pimento Cheese Biscuit or Cajun Filet Biscuit with pimento cheese.

“Made with three types of cheese, diced pimentos, creamy mayonnaise and that one-of-a-kind Bojangles’ flavor,” the restaurant said in a statement, “the company has put its own unique twist on a quintessential Southern classic that’s growing in popularity across the country.”

The restaurant promises “melty, cheddary goodness...with a peppery kick.”

“The spicy spread is a perfect complement to Bojangles’ beloved classics,” the restaurant said.

Listen to our daily briefing:

Bojangles’ tested their pimento cheese in Wilmington, North Carolina before spreading the dish to participating locations, according to the restaurant’s chief marketing officer.

“Bojangles’ is all about real deal Southern flavor, and Pimento Cheese is as Southern as it gets,” Jackie Woodward said.

The restaurant is offering more than a new flavor. It’s also offering pimento cheese eaters the chance to win a $1,000 Bojangles’ gift card if they take a picture of themselves eating the new menu item then upload it to Twitter or Instagram using #PimentoCheeseFaceContest.

“The winner will be selected based on post’s originality, humor and presence of the Bojangles’ Pimento Cheese product,” the company said.

The winner will also get the chance to be in a five second Bojangles’ commercial.

“Flavor and value are important to our guests’, but we also like to include a healthy portion of fun at Bojangles’, which is exactly what this contest brings to the Pimento Cheese menu items,” Woodward said. “We can’t wait to see the reactions guests share on social media.”

The pimento cheese is available for a limited time.

Bojangles has 134 locations in South Carolina, 25 locations in the Midlands, including 11 restaurants in Columbia and 3 in Lexington.

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