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How We Go Columbia: Midlands strawberries

It’s definitely springtime in Columbia when Cottle Strawberry Farm, the local family farm located at 2533 Trotter Road, opens for the season.

Adults and children can fill their buckets to the brim with bright, red strawberries. Although, most the time my children eat half of their buckets before they reach the check out counter. It’s become a tradition to take pictures of the kids as they hold up their haul with strawberry stains on their faces and on their shirts. They each smile proudly, as so many other children before them, with their faces behind the large strawberry cutouts in front of the field.

Cottle Strawberry Farm is one of the many great things about Living Here.

Cottle Strawberry Farm | 803-695-1714

It’s usually too hot to be outside by the time April rolls around in Columbia, but that doesn’t stop Anne-Kathryn Flanagan from taking her family to pick fresh, juicy strawberries from the Cottle Strawberry Farm.