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Lowes Foods announces opening date of third Midlands store

Lowes Foods has announced it will open its third Midlands-area location at 8 a.m. on July 18.

The newest location for the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based grocer is at 4711 Forest Drive. The 51,500-square-foot store will employ approximately 150 people and will feature Lowes Foods' original sections including Smokehouse, Pick & Prep and The Beer Den.

Lowes Foods first was introduced into the Midlands when it opened its first two locations in Lexington last year.

“We’ve received an incredible welcome to the Columbia area since the opening of our two stores in Lexington about a year ago and are very excited to extend Lowes Foods’ unique grocery shopping experience to new friends in Forest Acres,” Lowes Foods president Tim Lowe said. “Like all our Lowes Foods stores, our new Forest Acres store will be very focused on supporting all things local.”

In addition to the Smokehouse, Pick & Prep and Beer Den, Lowes Foods originals to be featured in the new Forest Acres store will include: the Bread Crumb bakery, Sammy's sandwich cafe, the Chicken Kitchen with rotisserie and fried chicken, the Cakery, Spice Bazaar and The Community Table, where shoppers can gather for recipe sampling and food tips.

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