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Columbia furniture company caters to canines

Bricker & Bark’s Frye high-back handcrafted dog bed.
Bricker & Bark’s Frye high-back handcrafted dog bed. Photos courtesy of Kickstand Studio

Some pooches just deserve a little extra special TLC--and a custom-made bed.

For those four-legged friends, Columbia-based custom furniture company Bricker & Beam has launched its first brand extension, Bricker & Bark--a line of handcrafted dog beds and accessories.

“Customers and friends who follow Bricker & Beam on social media have been introduced to our beloved workshop dog, Coltrane, over the years” said owner and lead designer, Josh Cox who started Bricker & Beam in 2012. “After having him in the family for a few months, my wife asked if I could make him a sturdier, more aesthetically pleasing dog bed that matched our overall home decor. In addition to the dog bed, I ended up making a few other dog essentials and Bricker & Bark was born.”

Bricker & Bark boasts handmade, wood-framed dog beds in two styles: The Winston and The Frye--both of which start at $425. The beds come in two solid wood choices, walnut and maple, and a handful of other design options to accommodate various-sized dogs and home interiors.

“Both models come in a standard, minimalist, sleek design,” explains Cox. “In addition to this, The Winston is available with hand-turned, mid-century-inspired legs (on the) raised version, and The Frye is available with a high-back variation.”

Rolling out alongside the dog beds, Bricker & Bark is also unveiling its line of handmade, premium leather adjustable leashes and collars (for around $52 each), in dark and light brown leathers.

“With Bricker & Bark I will be able to continue doing what I love, which is collaborating with customers, building pieces that are special and making memorable statement items in their spaces,” said Cox. “And what’s better than spoiling your pets every once in awhile?”

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