Who is paying lobbyists in SC and how much?

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SC State House
SC State House


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    Note the "updated" column in results to determine how new the data is.

    This database is a list of companies and organizations that employee lobbyists at the S.C. State House, and the amounts they spend.

    This data is reported twice yearly to the S.C. Ethics Commission. These figures come from year-to-date filings through July 2017.

    Why do we publish this data? Lobbyists work to influence the legislative process in South Carolina, and are required to disclose lobbying activity and their principals to the state Ethics Commission.

    Search tips: You can view all the lobbying principals by clicking on Search with All in the the search box. This will list all principals from highest to lowest based on the amount they paid lobbyists. To see how much a particular principal spent, click on the down arrow at the far right of the search box and scroll down until you find the desired principal and then click Search. The results for just that principal will be displayed.

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