Tech heads, you may be owed money for batteries from your old rechargeable devices

Lithium-ion batteries for laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, power tools and camcorders you’ve long since tossed could be helping you pay future bills thanks to a $45 million class action settlement agreed to by several battery manufacturers, WIS TV reports.

The suit claims that the manufacturers conspired in a price fixing scheme that lasted more than a decade. If you are a United States resident and you bought the batteries either a la carte or as part of a device using them between Jan. 1, 2000 and May 31, 2011, you can make a claim for a piece of the $45 million, according to WIS TV.

Not all parties named in the suit have settled, and the amount of money each person receives will be based on how many of the devices covered in the suit they purchased. You do not need to produce receipts in order to make a claim according to WIS TV.

Those wishing to file a claim may do so here. The deadline to make a claim is Nov. 29.

Michael Olinger: 843-706-8107, @mikejolinger