Looking for eclipse glasses? Check Richland Library, SC State Museum, parks

Viewing glasses are a must for eclipse safety.
Viewing glasses are a must for eclipse safety. Courtesy photo

Richland Library plans to start distributing free solar eclipse glasses from all locations Friday.

Distribution starts at 9 a.m. To make sure as many people receive the free glasses as possible:

▪ One pair of glasses per customer

▪ No group requests

Glasses will be distributed throughout the entire weekend – while supplies last. Watch the library’s Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Meanwhile, another shipment of eclipse glasses is now in stock at the S.C. State Museum gift shop.

And, two SC state parks have handfuls of glasses remaining – at Dreher Island, where 400-plus glasses were available as of Tuesday; and at Sesquicentennial State Park, where there were fewer than 100 that same day.

Glasses from all these sources meet NASA and AAS guidelines on recommended manufacturers.