Midlands woman’s sneaky pregnancy announcement goes viral after shocking husband

Sabrina and Jordan Clendenin
Sabrina and Jordan Clendenin

One Lexington woman found a unique way to tell her husband she’s pregnant. Not only did it have the desired effect, it has gone viral as a social media sensation.

On Oct. 29, Sabrina Clendenin made her husband, University of South Carolina alum Jordan Clendenin, believe they were making an audition video for “Family Feud.”

After a few minutes of explaining why the Clendenins would be the ideal family to appear on the show hosted by Steve Harvey, Sabrina deftly dropped the news that the couple is expecting their third child.

“Why I think we should really be on? Because I think they like pregnant people on, like when they’re showing,” said Sabrina, unable to contain her joy about the news, which she said she kept secret for a day.

“You’re pregnant?” Jordan asked.

“I am, I did this to tell you,” Sabrina said while nodding yes and revealing the pregnancy test.

The couple, who met in Las Vegas and recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, proceeded to embrace and trade “I love yous.”

Jordan added a few well intentioned “I hate yous,” still recovering from the shock of the surprise announcement.

The couple has settled in South Carolina, and Sabrina appears to have adopted the hometown Gamecocks, based on the hat she’s wearing in another Facebook post.

Perhaps the only thing that would make Jordan happier than his wife rooting for his alma mater would be the gender of the family’s new addition.

The father of two little girls didn’t hold back when wishing on the gender of the baby with a due date of July 4.

“Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy,” Jordan repeated in the video posted on Facebook, in spite of Sabrina’s promise to keep it private.

“You’re not posting that?” Jordan said.

“I’m not posting that, it’s just for us,” responded Sabrina.

Unfortunately for Jordan, more than the happy couple has seen the video. On Saturday, the video had nearly 600,000 views and was shared almost 600 times, with about 10,000 reactions.

Sabrina couldn’t contain her glee, making another post on Facebook Saturday.

Jordan Clendenin hates to be the center of attention so I’m getting a little kick out of this lol,” Sabrina wrote. “I’m sure his anxiety is through the roof never thought it would get big like this #sorry.”

Sabrina, a native of Ontario, Canada, doesn’t seem to mind being on camera. During the video she was drinking from an “Ellen” coffee mug and mentioned that appearing on “Family Feud” was a bucket list item, along with appearing on “Ellen.”

In an earlier Facebook post, Sabrina and Jordan are pictured in the audience of the talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Sabrina’s shareline on that post reads, “Best day E V E R !!”

Maybe there’s new competition for that honor?