River Bluff High School teacher allegedly sent an ‘unprofessional photograph’ to students

Lexington 1 school officials are investigating allegations that a River Bluff High School teacher sent an “unprofessional photograph” to students via text message, according to school district officials.

Mary Beth Hill, a school district spokeswoman, said a concerned parent notified River Bluff High School administration after her daughter received an “unprofessional photograph” via text message from one of the school’s employees.

Following the report, the high school’s administration and school district officials began investigating the allegation.

“As with any investigation, it is important that the district not jump to any conclusions but, rather, to act in accordance with Board Policy and district procedure,” Hill said in a statement released Tuesday.

The teacher has not been put on administrative leave since the investigation began, but school district officials said they are investigating every one of the parent’s concerns, Hill said.