Lexington dog, shown on video being attacked by man, doing well

Bravo, a Cane Corso, that was taken from his South Congaree home after being beaten.
Bravo, a Cane Corso, that was taken from his South Congaree home after being beaten.

A Lexington County dog that authorities say was severely beaten by his owner has recovered and is good condition.

Bravo, a young cane corso that lived in South Congaree, checked out well after his medical examinations, says Lexington County spokesperson Harrison Cahill. Bravo is staying at the Lexington County Animal Shelter pending a court ruling.

Bravo ended up under medical supervision and in the shelter after South Congaree police received a video of a man beating Bravo with a 2-by-4 in front of a woman and child, authorities say. Bravo cried out and whimpered in the video as the man struck him multiple times while yelling and cursing at the dog.

South Congaree police arrested and charged Mark Anthony Rice, 26, with ill treatment toward animals after seeing the footage. He also was charged with domestic violence for allegedly threatening his wife and unlawful conduct towards a child for the suspected beating of the dog in front of the child. He was released on $30,000 bonds.

In a police report, Rice’s wife said she had video evidence of her husband beating a dog and that he made death threats against her before the alleged animal abuse. She told police that she believed Rice would kill her if she tried to stop the suspected attack against the dog. She said in the report that Rice’s pattern of behavior had grown more violent recently.

After the attack, Bravo was taken from the home to get treatment from the animal shelter in Lexington. Despite the brutality shown in the video, Bravo didn’t suffer any broken bones, Cahill says.

Bravo lived with another female cane corso named Charlie. Charlie could be seen in the video. When the attack begins, she runs off. Charlie was removed from the home and also is staying at Lexington Animal Shelter. A cat also was removed from the home and is in the custody of Lexington County.

Charlie, a Cane Corso, that was taken from her South Congaree home after a man was charged with ill treatment towards animals. Provided by Lexington County

For now, being adopted isn’t an option for Bravo, Charlie or the feline.

The animals will remain in the care of the animal shelter until the conclusion of the court case, according to Cahill. It will be up to the court to decide where Bravo and his friends end up.

A cane corso is an Italian breed of dog also known as an Italian mastiff. It is part of the working group of the American Kennel Club.

A Lexington County man is charged with a felony after beating a dog with a two-by-four in front of his wife and small child inside their home, police say.

Mark Anthony Rice of South Congaree
Mark Anothony Rice was charged with ill treatment toward animals. Provided by Lexington County.