Stop criticizing parents of child killed while playing near street, SC coroner says

Getty Images/iStockphoto

After an SC toddler was killed after being hit by a car, a local coroner is asking negative residents to stop attacking the child’s family.

22-month-old Madden James Madray, of Prosperity, died Saturday after being hit by the SUV while playing near the edge of the road, according to a statement from Newberry County Coroner Laura Kneece.

The corner determined his cause of death was from blunt force trauma, and ruled the crash an accident, according to the statement.

Madray’s parents were close by, and he was within their eyesight, according to the statement.

“However, as children tend to do, he got out of eyesight in the blink of an eye,” Kneece’s statement read.

Kneece asked residents to stop sending negative comments or publicly persecuting Madray’s family.

“It is sad that in today’s society we are quick to judge and persecute someone over an incident that literally could happen to any parent or any person watching a young child,” Kneece said, according to the statement. “We, as a community should be praying and offering our continued support for the family of the victim as well as the operator of the vehicle.”

No charges will be filed against the driver, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol.

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