Shrimp and grits biscuit? Bubba’s Biscuit joint opening 2 Midlands shops

How about a fried catfish biscuit with gravy and a fried egg, topped with pickles and habanero aioli drizzled with bang bang sauce?

Or perhaps some ramped-up oatmeal or chia pudding to accompany a flavored cappuccino?

Those are just a few of choices at the new Bubba’s Biscuits shop set to open in Olympia and Lexington.

Oh, and they also serve beer and wine and hope to soon land liquor licenses so they can roll out Bloody Marys.

That’s the concept behind Bubba’s Biscuits, the brain child of restaurateur Arif Rizvi, owner of RF’s Corner Grill in Lexington and his 17-year-old daughter, Zoya.

He said the concept is popular in places like Charleston and North Carolina, but hadn’t yet migrated to the Capital City.

“We wanted to bring something new to the market,” Rizvi said during the shop’s first day of a soft opening Friday at its Olympia location — the former White Duck Taco Shop at 612 Whaley St., in the shadow of the Olympia and Granby mills.

Rizvi said the cafe should have a grand opening this week.

“But we wanted to make sure we’re ready,” he said.

The Lexington shop will be located at 115 West Main St., with an opening set for the first week of November.

“And we’re looking at the Northeast,” he said.

The restaurants make their own big (really big) buttermilk biscuits and toppings like the habanero aioli, or sweet chili sauce.

“And we’re a full blown coffee shop,” he said.

The hours are set from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. with a push to bring in a lunch crowd. And Rizvi is contemplating a night opening to capitalize on the students who live in the mills.

“We’ll have to figure out the market,” he said.

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