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Murderer scheduled for execution Jan. 8

Convicted murderer Quincy Jovan Allen is scheduled to be executed on Jan. 8, the S.C. Department of Corrections announced Thursday.

Allen's execution date was set after the S.C. Supreme Court ordered the Corrections Department to carry it out. State law requires executions to be set on the fourth Friday following a Supreme Court order.

Allen was convicted of murder in 2005 after going on a two-state killing spree. He shot and killed Dale Hale with a shotgun near I-77 in Columbia. He then burned her body. A month later, he used a shotgun to kill Jedediah Harr, a bystander in an argument at a restaurant on Two Notch Road. Allen also used a homeless man in Finlay Park for target practice with his shotgun. He was under the delusion he was training to become a Mafia hit man.

On Dec. 2, Allen was one of two Death Row inmates accused of stabbing a prison guard with a makeshift metal weapon at Lieber Correctional Institution in Ridgeville. That attack remains under investigation.

The execution will be at the Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia. Allen has selected electrocution as the method, the Corrections Department said.

- Noelle Phillips