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'Waiter, there's a fly in my soup' was taken to a new level at this SC restaurant

It was a nightmare situation for one South Carolina restaurant. Hundreds of insects swarming in the kitchen as diners waited for meals.

But it was all too real for the Copper River Grill in Spartanburg County.

On March 17, several crickets were released into the food line of the kitchen area by a former employee.

Daniel Adams, 21, was charged with malicious tampering with human food.

An employee working in the food line of the restaurant pulled out several coolers and found styrofoam cups which had been taped together with an opening cut into them, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office's incident report. Hundreds of crickets were inside.

Daniel Adams Spartanburg County Detention Center

The crickets were first discovered by an employee who moved a cooler on the food line to pick up a check and saw 30 to 40 crickets on the floor, according to the incident report.

After searching the restaurant, deputies found five more cups containing hundreds more of crickets inside.

Crickets were also found in the food line, drawer coolers, the ice machine, drink shelves, walk-in cooler as well as inside and outside dry storage.

Surveillance footage showed Adams placing crickets in the restaurant.

Adams said he went to a nearby PetSmart and purchased a few hundred crickets, according to the incident report. He then bought the styrofoam cups and duct tape to make containers to hold the crickets.

Adams said he did this as a joke, and not as a malicious act.

His former employers weren't laughing.

A spokesperson for Copper River Grill said no food products were contaminated, and only a few made it to the dining area, reported.

The crickets were removed and pest control was called to inspect and treat the entire facility, reported.

“We have no idea what motivated this individual,” Dan Angell, the owner and CEO of Copper River Grill, said in a statement.