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Cici's customer in SC asked for custom pizza. When he didn’t get it, he got violent

One man was so unhappy with his recent experience at a South Carolina Cicis pizza restaurant that he assaulted the manager.

The Spartanburg Police Department is searching for the man following the March 31 incident at the buffet restaurant chain.

The incident began when the customer wanted a special pizza brought to his table and wasn't satisfied with the restaurant's service, ultimately demanding his money back, according to an incident report. The manager refused the refund and said he told the customer to leave, multiple times.

The customer refused to leave, according to the manager, adding the customer began threatening and jumping at him as if he was going to attack.

At this point, the customer knocked over a computerized cash register causing it to break, according to the incident report. The manager then tried to escort the customer out of the restaurant, which escalated into a fight near the front of the store where the men fell to the floor.

The manager said the customer's family pulled them apart with the customer leaving in a hurry, according to the incident report.

The manager suffered a cut to the face and swelling under his eye but refused treatment at the scene.

The police asked the manager if any of the workers who saw the incident would comment, but none provided statements.