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A Cayce man’s meth went missing. He called the police to report it as stolen

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A Cayce man called local police to help him find something he believed was stolen: his meth.

The 24-year-old, who wasn’t arrested during the incident, called Cayce police Sunday to report two grams of his methamphetamine as missing, according to an incident report.

He told officers he wanted to press charges against “whoever the thief was,” according to the report. Officers helped the man look around the property for his missing drugs.

A woman inside the home gave them a small bag of what she said was meth, according to the report. She had been hiding it from the man so he wouldn’t use it.

The man said that meth was, in fact, not his missing meth, according to the report. Officers confiscated the non-missing meth for destruction and cleared the scene before leaving.