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Two arrested after authorities say they found child with fractured ribs, head wounds

Karla Emilady Alvarado, 33, and Noe Enrique Cabrera-Rivera, 38.
Karla Emilady Alvarado, 33, and Noe Enrique Cabrera-Rivera, 38.

A man and woman in Lexington County are imprisoned after authorities say they took two hours before calling the police about a beaten child.

Karla Emilady Alvarado, 33, and Noe Enrique Cabrera-Rivera, 38, were at their West Columbia home on the 3900 block of the Charleston Highway on Thursday. Deputies showed up after receiving a call about Alvarado’s unconscious child. Authorities say they found the child beaten, with blunt-force trauma to the head.

“Based on interviews with the suspects, detectives have determined Alvarado and Cabrera-Rivera were with the baby when he was injured,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said.

The child died, according to a police report. The two waited about two hours after authorities believe the child passed to call 911. The boy was 9 months old. His name was Miguel Angel Alvarado.

Coroner Marget Fisher performed an autopsy. The postmortem found that Miguel had injuries to the head and chest that caused internal bleeding, brain swelling and broken ribs.

“Suffocation was also determined to have a been a contributing factor in death,” Fisher’s report reads.

The sheriff’s department charged Alvarado and Cabrera-Rivera with homicide by child abuse. They are in prison at Lexington County Detention Center. On Friday, a judge denied them bond.

The crime they’re accuse of is punishable by 20 years to life imprisonment.

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