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SC man charged in assault of Columbia woman, murder of Midlands man, deputies say

Daniel Young
Daniel Young

An Orangeburg man was arrested and charged with murder and sexually assaulting a Columbia woman at gunpoint, according to a statement from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Daniel Young, 32, was arrested after deputies connected him to the two separate incidents, according to the statement.

Deputies believe that Young shot and murdered a man in Orangeburg County in the early morning hours on Aug. 3, according to the statement. A bystander found the body of a 32-year-old man at a property on Joe Jeffords Highway, initially believing it was a pile of clothes.

A witness came forward and told deputies Young told him where the body was located and where the man had been shot, according to his arrest warrant. Young also called a second person as asked to use his property, the same property the body was later found on.

While investigating the deadly case, deputies caught wind of the sexual assault and connected the two cases, according to the statement.

A Columbia woman said she was sleeping at a home in Orangeburg last week when Young allegedly woke her up put a gun to her head, according to the statement. Young, who she knew prior to the attack, then allegedly sexually assaulted her.