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Bond revoked for man charged in Lower Richland basketball player’s shooting death

Amon Rice remembered by grieving mother and friends

Lower Richland teen Amon Rice was honored by friends and family during a memorial Wednesday night. Rice was shot and killed during an altercation in Hopkins.
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Lower Richland teen Amon Rice was honored by friends and family during a memorial Wednesday night. Rice was shot and killed during an altercation in Hopkins.

A man charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Lower Richland High School basketball player is back in a ail cell.

A judged revoked the bond of Shytori Davenport on Monday. A court official said Davenport’s bond was revoked because he failed to make appearances with a company that tracks the ankle monitors of some suspects released on bond. Those appearances were required as part of Davenport’s bond. He was also behind on payments to the company.

Offender Management Services, or OMS, is contracted by the 5th Circuit Solicitor’s office to provide ankle monitor tracking for people accused of violent crimes. Suspects have to pay between $150 and $175 in installation fees and weekly charges of $65 for the ankle monitor.

The ankle monitors and the fees were at the center of a suit by the Richland County Public Defenders Office against the 5th Circuit Solicitors Office, with the public defender arguing the fees were causing poorer suspects to remain in jail because they couldn’t afford the fees. A judge overturned the order that allowed the ankle monitors but the program stayed in place.

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Davenport is charged with murder after police say he was part of a May 10 shootout that left Amon Rice, a Lower Richland basketball and football player, dead from a bullet to the head.

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Along Greenlake Drive, a rural stretch off Leesburg Road with a couple rows of houses, rival teenagers and their older relatives met up to settle a dispute, according to Richland County Sheriff’s Department. They met near the Unity Missionary Baptist Church. Rice had stood up for a kid who was getting picked on at school, his mother said. What some thought would be a fist fight ended with bullet shells littering the ground. Two teenagers were shot, one with a non-life threatening wound. Rice succumbed to his wound in the hospital.

Amon Rice, 17, was shot and killed during an altercation in Lower Richland County. As friends and family gathered to honor him with prayer and balloons, Antrinette Means asked over and over again that there be no retaliation.

Davenport was the first person charged in the shooting. As the investigation progressed, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department charged a total of 16 as part of the shootout. Four others, including a 15-year-old, were charged with murder. Davenport’s mother, Winyah Gaither, also faces a murder charge. Others were charged with accessory and obstruction of justice.

In July, Davenport was released from jail on $150,000 bond to await his trial.

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Judge George McFaddin revoked Davenport’s bond, according to court documents.

Davenport was booked at Alvin S Glenn Detention Center on Monday, where he’ll be held for the remainder of his court proceedings.

Shytori Nikia Davenport, 21, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at his workplace and charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime in connection to the shooting of Amon Rice.