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Former Midlands school district official faces up to 30 years after alleged corruption

A former official with the Sumter School District was indicted on public corruption charges, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

On Nov. 14, the state grand Jury indicted Vivian “Libby” Campbell DuBose, the former Director of the Child Early Reading Development and Education Program with the Sumter district, alleging that she embezzled money and also charging her with misconduct in office. The Attorney General’s Office announced the indictment on three counts of public corruption on Friday.

DuBose is accused of purchasing at least $10,000 of consumer goods for her own use with school district funds, the AG said. The Attorney General’s Office also alleges that DuBose received at least $10,000 for “training” that she didn’t conduct nor was she properly certified or registered to conduct.

DuBose faces a misconduct in office charge for allegedly “exploiting her position for unlawful personal gain and did, by malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance, commit acts and omissions in breach of her duty of good faith, honesty, and accountability to the public,” according to a statement by the AG.

In August, Bruce Mills of the Sumter Item reported that DuBose was named in a 2017 anonymous letter claiming that she was misusing school district funds. DuBose sued the school district in August for defamation. In the suits she claims she was forced to resign in July 2017 after the district became aware of the anonymous letters that accused her of fraud, abuse, and mismanagement. The State Law Enforcement Division began looking into DuBose after the letters came out. DuBose maintained her innocence in August, saying the claims are false, The Item reported.

DuBose’s suit is still pending in court.

If found guilty on the three charges, DuBose could go to prison for 30 years.

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